Friday, October 7, 2016

What are you waiting for?

I had a tendency to postpone my goals "until later" only to wind up discovering I waited too long. I'd consider my goals weren't as important as those of the people around me - or my talent even sufficient. 

Well, I've made a shocking discovery recently: I was wrong. I had wasted precious time questioning my ability to do what I wanted and waiting until I'm "ready".

What changed? I decided to do things NOW. Waiting, postponing, doubting - these were things that were banned from that moment on. I even went so far as to exclude those people that made me feel "worth less". 

It didn't happen overnight. It started with a decision however, and as I saw the changes it brought about I knew I'd found the right path. The truth of the matter is, you KNOW. You might not have the courage to do it immediately but you KNOW what you should be doing. 

When you postpone achieving your goals you not only take time for granted ("I'll do it later" - you might not even be here "later"...!) but you're actually purposely choosing to not live the life you want. Sounds harsh? Absolutely. But think about it this way - what could be possibly more important than YOUR purpose? Yes, there's a ton of things that stand in our way. No one said it's going to be easy. But how much harder is a purposeless life, devoid of dreams?

My certainty in this matter grew day by day. I started by just doing a little bit, one step at a time. Within just a couple months - a few weeks, in fact - I had the most life changing events occur. Better and faster than what I could have wished for and... it's just the beginning.

About three weeks ago I was modeling for a designer friend of mine, Lutz Huelle. He has a t-shirt that says "World Peace Now". It got me thinking; I realised there were a lot of things that should be happening NOW. I wanted a t-shirt that would remind me that I needed to act. Fast. Putting aside everything that wasn't conducive to my goals. 

Within the minute I contacted my friend Alexander who has a t-shirt line in the U.S. He loved the idea and decided NOW deserved to be a movement. As I'm writing this article I'm wearing my very own NOW t-shirt.

It's up to you to live the life you want.

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