Wednesday, September 28, 2011

JACCO vol. 3 Jewellery Catalogue

How could I have forgotten this one, it's beautiful!!

Photos: Jean-Francois Julian
Styling: Sawako Ishitani
Make-up: Aya Watanabe
Hair: Tsume

back to work

Where do I start - holiday was great, and ever since I'm back in Paris work just didn't stop.

One of the shoots before leaving was for Ana Quasoar:

Followed by something in a completely different style, here comes Ekjo:

And if you want something crazy, Jonathan Liang's label Nue presents their new collection:

Nell by SJ (sorry, I only have the small format!)

As far as those two editorials are concerned, I haven't received the photos yet but you can see them here already:

p. 37- 43 Great shooting in Rennes with Gildas Raffenel

p. 69-79 (74-77 - that's not me;)) with Daniel Peter Schulz.

There's so more stuff bound to come, including photos from an exhibition I attended yesterday;)