Sunday, December 18, 2016

What a coincidence...! Or is it?

"Whatever Lola wants,
Lola gets...."

About a week ago I posted about coincidences on my Instagram (click here) and about people that you have a special connection with (click here) In my last note I also wrote about how my phone got stolen.

Ever since I must have entered some sort of curvature in time and space that not only got me into some of the most improbable happenstances but it seems to be looping also; my brand new phone (which I bought to replace the one that got stolen on Tuesday) was stolen from me.... yesterday. This time I was lucky however and the thief still had it on him when he got caught by my guardian angel!

At the same time I feel I'm daring more and more to be myself and I have experienced both personal and professional growth which is most satisfying. Apparently nothing is free in life so perhaps this is the price I'm paying for success...? So be it! I'm not intimidated and I'm not backing off.

As a matter of fact, I want to get into more trouble and I want more signs of success. Life without the courage to live is merely "existing"!! You might as well skip it, you know.

I like to think that the coincidences and connections that occurred (ever since the aforementioned publications) were self-fulfilled prophecies. There was a post in September (hclick here ) asking the universe for what you wish to occur. I guess I shouldn't be surprised; some time ago I concluded that the course of our lives can only be understood through retrospection - never in the spur of the moment. Each day is a dot and the they only connect into lines once you're able to look at the past from a distance.

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